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New server host!

Hello everyone! We bring you the latest news: We got a new server host! Our old host was unreliable and not trust worthy. We started the proces of moving all the files to the new host which is way better in many ways. This switch between hosts will allow us to grow easier in the near future.


Competetive Towny released.

Hi y'all! Our developers recently made the finishing touches on the new Towny gamemode: Competetive. This new gamemode is exactly for the kind of players that seek that extra thrill and competition. Read more about the new Competetive Towny gamemode on the forums. The release date will be the 1st of june.


Giving the player the best playing experience

Our main server focus is to work as hard as possible to tweak and fine tune everything so YOU, the player, will have the best possbile playing experience on our network. Of course, we can not do this alone! That's why we need your help. Do you have any suggestions for the server? Let us know Here.

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Players can create towns or join towns and build within their claimed area. Players may own their own plot, sell plots or buy more plots to build on. Together, the players of the town contribute to its development and improve the town and expand it. Join jobs to earn money and use boosters to multiply your salary!


We introduce our on take on the famous minecraft gamemode skyblock. We developed a system that allows you to use the famous plugin worldedit with the blocks in your surivival inventory. Skyblock also offers a series of unique quests and plugins featured on no other server. Come check it out!


On our creative server, you can let your mind free and build whatever you want. Worldedit and VoxelSniper are here to assist you in creating the most wonderful creations. You can also earn free ranks by building, the more experienced the build is, the higher rank you will get.


Enjoy some beautiful server pictures