Nocturne Network

Articles pertaining on how to join the Nocturne Network Server and its features.

How to join the server

Join the server by entering the ip: in the minecraft multiplayer tab. Please make sure you are not using any VPN's or other ip-hiding software. We need to make sure that you don't, because of ban-avoiding. We do however not save any information like ip-adresses or minecraft player numbers. Read more here

How to report rule breakers

If you encounter a player that is breaking the rules, either by hacking or in a different way, please report them over at the contact --> server issues, and select the Player report category. You can also report a rule breaker in game by using the /report command.


You can purchase ranks at our store. Ranks do not give you an advantage over other players. Ranks only allow players to use tags in chat, unlock certain particle packs, unlock kits and much more.


Boosters multiply the amount of money and xp you earn and can be purchaded here. Boosters apply to all players and can not be used privatly. Corrupted boosters have a change to multiply by 10 or a negative number, meaning that you will earn less money and xp. You can not recieve a refund on anything purchased in the shop, you agree on this when purchasing anything in the store. Read more in our Terms and Conditions.

Quests and Challenges

You can complete Quests and Challenges to earn big or small rewards, depending on how hard the Quest or challange is. To start a Quest/Challange, navigate to the lobby of the gamemode you are currently playing and select the Quest NPC. Right-clicking this npc will open a menu with further instructions.

Join issues

When experiencing join issues, try one of the options below:

  • Did you type the ip adress correctly? (
  • Did you turn off any ip-hiding software? (VPN, etc.)
  • Do you have an active internet connection?
  • Try logging out of your minecraft account in the launcher and try again.
  • If nothing of the above listed options helped, contact a staff member here

Still have an unsolved question/problem? Contact a staff member here